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Nuisance Inspections

Complaints regarding the storing of junk, trash and refuse on private property within Macon County are investigated. Enforcement action is taken against property owners who fail or refuse to abate and remove such nuisances.

Public Swimming Pool and Spa Inspections

Routine inspections of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa pools, and water slides are made, and complaints regarding swimming/spa pool sanitation are investigated. All public pools and spa pools are required to have their water tested for bacterial quality monthly, and should be under the operational supervision of a Certified Pool-Spa Operator.

Some of the items checked during swimming/spa pool inspections:

  • Water clarity
  • Safety equipment
  • Proper construction and operation of the pool's circulation and disinfection systems
  • Proper disinfection levels of the pool's water
  • Facilities such as the bath house and pool area are kept clean and sanitary

Contact Info

Kathy Wade
Director of Environmental Health
(217)423-6988 Ext 1123

Environmental Health