Board Of Health

Our Board of Health is a group of well-known, respected representatives from throughout Macon County with diverse experience and qualifications. Our Board meets at least once per month to review programs, services, grant opportunities, fiscal reports, and to approve any appropriate movement to be made by MCHD staff. We encourage Macon County residents to attend these meetings to receive information about and provide feedback for our programs, services, and other community initiatives. A list of our current Board of Health Members and the most recent minutes and agenda are posted below. To obtain copies of past minutes and agendas, please contact the Board Secretary at (217) 423-6988 ext: 1103.

Board of Health Members:

  • Linda Fahey, RN, DNP – President
  • Carol Dodson, CNO – Vice President
  • Candace Clevenger – Treasurer
  • Alan Colby, DDS – Secretary
  • John Bradley, MD
  • Vivian Goodman
  • Jan Hack
  • Venkat Minnaganti, MD
  • Jerry Potts
  • Kimberly Serbe, DVM
  • Paige Toth, Attorney

Board of Health Meeting Agenda October 17, 2017

Board of Health Meeting Minutes – August 15, 2017