Scheduling an Appointment


We have had a number of questions about how to schedule an appointment. This post will go through the process to help clear up any confusion.

There are various ways you will receive a link to one of our vaccination clinics. Once you have clicked on a clinic link you should see something similar to this.


From here click on a appointment time that is not fully booked. Please note that clicking the Add to Calendar link does not schedule an appointment. You must click Add to Cart and go through the checkout process.

Once you get to this page an appointment is temporarily reserved in the system. A timer in the upper right hand corner counts down to show you when the reservation expires. You need to continue until you get to the confirmation page to permanently reserve your appointment. If you stop, or do not complete the process before the timer counts to 0:00 your reservation expires and you will have to start over. Click Continue.

On this screen there are 2 separate sections. the first is for the person scheduling the appointment not necessarily the person getting vaccinated. Be sure you enter the correct email address as the confirmation will be sent to that address.

The next section is for info on the patient receiving the vaccination.

When all fields have been filled click Continue.

On the next screen review the info you have entered and verify that it is correct.

Finally you should see a confirmation page. Do not close this page until you have received your confirmation email. Be sure to download your ticket before leaving this page as well. If you do not see this page you do not have an appointment.