Well Inspections

Private Water Wells

Environmental Health staff conduct activities with the goal to protect groundwater from contamination and to provide a safe, potable water supply. To ensure water supplies are properly installed and operated, our staff do the following:  review plans and issue permits for private water wells; monitor the abandonment of wells to ensure proper sealing; sample and monitor non-community water supply systems; and sample private water supplies for laboratory analysis.


We offer well water testing for total coliform bacteria and nitrates. The laboratory method used is a presence/absence method for the identification of coliform bacteria which are used as an indicator of the bacterial quality of water. Testing for coliform bacteria will reveal whether your water supply may be contaminated with infectious organisms, but it will not provide a direct measure of pathogenic or disease-causing bacteria.

Abandoned Wells

An abandoned well is defined as a water or monitoring well which is no longer used to supply water, or is in such a state of disrepair that the well or boring has the potential for transmitting contaminants into an aquifer or otherwise threatens the public health or safety.
A water well that is no longer used and not properly maintained can serve as a route for surface water run-off to contaminate the aquifer and hence cause pollution of your own and other wells in the area.

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