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The Macon County Health Department (MCHD) encourages the public to continue protecting themselves against West Nile Virus, as this disease continues to exist in the County and a human case has now been locally reported. On September 12, 2013, the MCHD received a confirmed report from a private lab in Macon County of the death of a male in his 70’s with West Nile Virus. Although a local private lab has confirmed a positive result, the Illinois Department of Public Health is still in its investigative process, so they have not yet confirmed the case. When the MCHD receives the report of a death of a person who has West Nile Virus, the information is forwarded to the Illinois Department of Public Health, where their investigation and review begins. At this time, that process has not been complete and the MCHD is waiting for final confirmation before issuing that information and related statement. No other lab results have been reported of any other people in Macon County testing positive with West Nile Virus.